Custom Made Cool Blue Memory Foam Mattress


This is one of our flagship products!

Featuring CoolBlue Memory Foam, these mattresses disperse heat built up during sleep to provide a much cooler sleep experience compared to that of standard memory foam which is sometimes described as feeling warm during sleep. This helps you to stay cool during the night and have the ultimate sleep experiance.

CoolBlue feels the same as, and cradles you in the same way as regular memory foam, however its very low (almost zero) visco-elastic threshold prevents it from completely moulding around the sleeper which is the major contributing factor to the excessive warmth associated with sleeping on memory foam mattresses for some people.

Feel the mattress slowly adapt to your body shape and contour your every curve for a memorable pressure free sleep experience every night!

These mattresses feature a generous 3 inches of CoolBlue!

Finished with a 600g super luxurious deep quilt elas knit quilted zip off cover.

For a quote email with: product name, required length and width in centimetres, chosen depth and delivery post code

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