Should you ditch Memory Foam and upgrade to LayGel?

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In one word … YES!

Memory foam these days is incredibly popular. It addresses a large number of common issues found with sprung mattresses and allows for maximum comfort by relieving all pressure, BUT memory foam isn't without its own downfalls.

A relatively modern concept, LayGel has evolved with this in mind

LayGel is a far superior alternative to standard memory foam. LayGel addresses a number of the common issues typically found with memory foam, whilst still offering the same advantages.

Sleep Cooler: LayGel moulds to the body, but unlike Memory Foam it does not rely as heavily on heat to shape around the sleeper. This means it does not get as hot as Memory Foam and sleeps considerably cooler. A major advantage over memory foam.

Faster Rebound Rate: Because of this the mattress also returns to it’s original shape far quicker, meaning the body indentation created on your mattress bounces back faster.

Better Freedom To Roll: Memory Foam is often criticised by people who struggle to roll during the night as they often get stuck in one position due to the slow rebound rate of the Memory Foam. LayGel helps resolves this issue as it returns to its original form far quicker.

Better Internal Make Up: Because of the way the foam is made, it typically boasts a longer life than memory foam


So what is LayGel?

LayGel is a revolutionary synthetic Latex Equivalent. It offers a very similar feel to Latex, but without the high price tag. The advanced PU foam is engineered to create a sleeping surface which offers a latex / gel like feel, whilst addressing many of the common complaints found with Memory Foam. LayGel is also typically more durable than Memory Foam and typically has a longer overall life.

"It's an absolute must if you are a back pain sufferer or wake up with aches and pains!"

At Sensation Sleep we have gained a fantastic reputation for our LayGel mattress. Featuring a 10 year guarantee, its certainly the most advanced bit of sleep tech we offer! Follow this link for more information and pricing, you'll find that we are very fair on price for this mattress!